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FAQS - Arsh

Frequently Ask Questions

What is WordPress?

If you want to create a beautiful website or blog you can use a fantastic web software called WordPress. The authors of WordPress like to say that: “WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time”.

Hundreds of community volunteers are building the core software and a lot of plug-ins and themes available for you, if you want to have an unimaginable website.

Now, WordPress is chosen by over 60 million people. This accessible platform allows users to transform their websites in an easy way, being a part of a world family.

You can learn more about that here or go ahead and join the 60 million WordPress users by downloading it.

What is Framework?

For quicker WordPress development, there is “a WP framework, designed to be a flexible foundation”. The Framework make theme development accessible with no need of programming or design knowledge.

With a good framework, you can cut down the time for theme development and available features and functions allows you to build a project on top, having a solid theme foundation.

Infinity Framework is the easy way to do this, having the right set of features and functions, high-level updates and professional support. It is already included in main download package, so you haven’t to pay for it separately.

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress Theme is an add-on for the WordPress platform, that gives the appearance, the look of website, accompanied by all the tools, templates and functions. It is a ready-to-use design, that not affects the content of the site, but it is changing the visual appearance and the features of this site.

What are shortcodes?

Shortcodes have been introduced in WordPress 2.5 for creating macro codes, used in a post content. They represents a set of functions that can be used by you to create new page templates. Our shortcodes are already embedded in Infinity Framework and are quite ready for immediate use, once you’ve bought our theme.

Do you offer web hosting?

We don’t offer web hosting for WordPress themes, but we can suggest you some WordPress hosting recommendations here.

Do you provide support?

Once you’ve bought a WordPress Theme or a Membership Subscription, you can benefit from a professional and qualified support. All the support inquiries can asked via a support ticket. Plus, you have our extensive documentation with instructions to help you to start. 

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